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Colonies of subterranean termites usually reside in the ground, below the frost line and above the water table and rock levels. Worker termites build mud tubes to reach and search for food sources above ground. Secondary colonies can exist and thrive above ground if a moisture source, such as a leaky pipe, is present. After swarming, a pair of subterranean termites will construct a cavity and mate within one day of excavating. The establishment of a new colony is stabilized when a female queen reaches maximum reproductive capacity. The secondary reproductive termites, workers and soldiers are responsible for building, protecting, and growing the colony. These termites are often mistaken for ants so vigilance is key in stopping the growth of the colony before it can inflict damage.

Subterranean termites have little resistance to dehydration so a water source is essential to their existence. Therefore, commercial properties with any water damage or exposed foundation are at high risk of infestation.

Accuracy Plus can treat your entire property and provide maintenance to keep you termite free without harming the environment or your health. We can even repair damaged wood from termite damage.