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To control termites, you must understand their behavior. Termites have damaged approximately cause an estimated $30 billion in damage to crops and man-made structures in the U.S. each year. An average of $3000.00 is spent by the home owners who discover termite damage. Termites thrive off wood easily available in homes to satisfy their appetites. These pests seek cellulose found in newspapers, books, and cardboards as an important component of their diet. As the population increases in Southern California so does the number of termites.

Extermination of the termites depends on the type of termite. Drywood and subterranean
extermination are the primary methods utilized in Southern California. Depending upon the extent of the infestation, one or both methods will be used to eradicate termites.

Termites travel from the ground into the wood and can be stopped with a subterranean method which builds mud tubes. With drywood termite treatment, waste pellets can be pushed out from the damaged area.
Hidden termites in damaged wood can be located by probing tools such as listening devices to locate termite sounds or fiber optics to see inside of walls.