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Dampwood termites love to reside in damp wood, such as logs, and stumps. They don’t require soil contact to survive. Dampwood termites build their colonies in small sizes. Their colonies are much smaller compared to Subterranean termites. There might be approximately  4,000 termites in one colony. The main food of dampwood termites is wood with a high moisture content.  Dampwood termites are not classified as major structural pests in the USA as most of the houses are not built with moist structural timbers. But if your home has damp wood  there might be a dampwood termite infestation. Usually their point of entry is wood connected to the ground.

Signs of Dampwood Termite Infestation

You will know there is a termite infestation in your house when you’re see small swarms of flying termites and fecal pellets. Dampwood termite normally leave behind small mounds of fecal pellets.  The pellets of dampwood termite are moist and don’t have a certain shape.

Dampwood Termite Control

It is important to take care of moisture issues in your house if you have noticed or found any termite infestation. Most dampwood termites die if the source of moisture is removed. If you have leaky pipes or faulty gutters, you need to hire a contractor to take care of the problem to stop further dampwood termite infestations in your house.

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